Jonathan-Dexter Albert


DEX·TER·I·TY - skill in performing tasks with your hands. The story behind the name for the photography business. I play the bass guitar , my REAL name is actually Dexter...Jonathan-Dexter to be exact....hence the name.

My creative life began at a young age. I grew up with two sisters. I would often compete with my older sister in drawing and writing short stories. Many years later, I saw a bass player playing the bass guitar and immediately fell in love. My father seeing my love for the instrument, purchased the bass and amp for me the following week. That was really the beginning....the beginning of the realization that I had a nitch for picking up on details musically and in other creative avenues life offered. Photography was always an appreciation of mine, I just never had my own camera...not a good one at least. I enjoyed editing photos but never had the opportunity to take photos myself until I purchased my first semi-pro camera. At first I was just snapping away...not really putting much thought to it and using my daughter as a model but then i realized the power in capturing a moment when actually putting thought into it.

My goal is to capture images that tell stories and evoke emotion. An image that sucks you in and drops you back in that moment. To re-live life moments whenever you want. Your image is in good hands. Thanks for visiting my page and I hope to be able to capture your story someday!